Thursday, 14 December 2006


Hello my fellow Bastard's and Bastardette's. I regret to inform ya'll, that for personal reasons I am taking an extended break from blogging. I also would like to apologize to those who lined up, but I'll be rescinding the guest post offers for the time being. You can check back if you like, but there will be long stretches of no posting. By long, I mean months and months will probably go by before I put fingers to keyboard to write a post again.

You can try asking me what the personal reasons are, but your questions will go unanswered. Selfish? Maybe a little, but let me say in advance, that I appreciate any concerns and/or well wishes. I'm fine and will be fine. In stead of well wishes, spend some green on one of the fine charities linked on my side-bar.

Before I hang up the "Out of Order" sign, allow me to leave everyone with a little message. If your a liberal, then hold the ones we fought so hard to put into office, accountable for every little fucking mistake they make, and hold them to every fucking promise they made, and a few they didn't. And don't let up on impeaching Bush - even if means removing him from office on his last day - he needs to go...and here it comes, the last "eff" word for awhile...IN A BIG FUCKING WAY.

For the Conservatives, the message is simple - Fix your party, it's broken - really broken. In fact, don't just fix it - GUT IT.

Otherwise, ya'll behave, and I'll be back before you can say "The Beltway who?"